What is the future waste hauling looks like?

26 January 2018    |   by Jacky Tee   |   Sustainability, Business
Solving the oldest industry waste problem via sharing economy platform.

The landfill problem is happening worldwide especially in Southeast Asia region, which has lower recycling rate. In Malaysia, landfill is the biggest problem as most waste ended up in landfill due to poor waste logistic network and management. That creates a lot of methane gas and harmful to environment. Land consumption and cost go high.

There is a startup called GarGeon based in Johor Bahru introduces a sharing economy model in addressing the issues, it run by brotherhoods Jacky and Darren. The idea is to manage business customers waste and recycling by connecting private waste haulers via innovative technology. They aim to divert more waste from landfill by using the waste and logistic data that captured throughout the waste hauling service. In believing zero waste vision, the technology that implied into the waste management could drive future smart city concept. Capturing the data in real-time, could bring more cost-savings, efficient and sustainable solution for both stakeholders (customers & haulers).

The pain point of lower recycling rate that haunts us for decades is merely due to intransparency of waste.

They have new perspective towards increasing the recycling rate is by making it clear and accurate to customers. So, the recycling performance can be measured from there. Along with the big vision, they also believe the potential from customers waste. Hence, the startup is aggressively connecting waste to second recycling marketplace. Their target markets and waste are from industrial & commercial building and construction & demolition.

If you’re one of their target markets, there are few ways to book a waste hauling service, dropping your current waste enquiry through www.gargeon.com. Second, book a waste hauling service from ‘GarGeon app’ on Google Play store (Android). Third, email contact@gargeon.com. Fourth, call +6012 678 0846.

The current way of managing waste logistic is 19th century, alternative and solution should be taken in waste industry towards more sustainable future.

Jacky Tee, Business Development of GarGeon

GGarGeon was founded since December 2016 and went through incubation at The Hangout, Iskandar directed by the CEO of The Hangout, Charles J. Thomas. The brotherhood Jacky and Darren found the pain point of waste industry when they were managing recyclables waste with Granny. They were inspired and started to embark their startup journey to turn their idea into reality. They’re eager to approach all kind of resources like partners and funding. To learn more on how GarGeon helps customers to manage waste and recycling to achieving businesses and environmental sustainability. Please log on to www.gargeon.com or call +6012 678 0846