Why is the transparency of waste hauling process is important to businesses?

14 February 2018    |   by Darren Tee   |   Sustainability, Business
It’s so ironic to hear that most businesses they have less information on the waste bill and what they had spent on waste service bill.

Most businesses or industries are relying on the waste hauling service providers to manage their tonnes of waste. The traditional loop of paying & hauling could be seen around in Malaysia that boosts up the market of independent waste hauling service providers. Across the decades, the traditional loop of waste managing method seems not contributing to any tendency of cost saving, efficiency, and environmental sustainability among these stakeholders.

The traditional loop of current waste hauling system causes numerous issues.

The loop causes issues like the landfill, inefficiency, higher cost, and not sustainable for the long term as there is no way to retrieve all kinds of data and information, regarding waste hauling industry. Stakeholders are unable to take a proper measurement or come out a better solution to achieve sustainability.

What happens when data and information of waste hauling be captured? It's the key towards the aspiration of higher recycling rate and smart city concept across the nation. For instances, transparent data & information of waste hauling could help :

  • Businesses take better ways to manage waste wisely, more diversion rate, enjoy cost saving on the bill.

  • We have less waste to go to landfill, higher waste diversion rate, achieving environmental sustainability.

  • Businesses are well educated in recycling performance, achieving sustainability.

  • Government saves cost on landfill operation.

  • More types of business waste could be recycled.
  • The more information that we have on the waste hauling process, the more accurate action we could take to gear towards business and environmental sustainability. This creates a gap where technology could jump in to solve all these issues. Technology could collect data and information of all stakeholders and by using that, to generate beneficial output to help businesses, service providers and environment to achieve goals.

    It's doubt to say that such an oldest industry - waste adapts technology concept is almost impossible, however, the issues are seems like inputting technology into this industry could achieve another breakthrough and people's perspective towards waste. The typical mindset always bears around that most people show indifferent or never think twice on waste. It's horrible to say that the traditional loop is threatening the long term sustainability across the stakeholders, unless there is technology concept jumps in to achieve sustainability and smart city by collecting data & information.

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