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#2 A cost-saving waste management is possible for your business

GUIDELINES & TIPS | 8 DEC 2018 | Jacky Tee
  1. A comprehensive waste & recycling solution
    • You’re encouraged to engage a comprehensive waste & recycling solution provider to divert almost every kind of waste types that supposedly end up into the general waste bin. Basically, most of the businesses can’t get the right vendors to handle their waste & recycling and those potential recycling ends up in the landfill. This may result in adding more waste pickups & trips which charge extra cost to your business.

  2. Get ready your recycle bin & organic composters
    • A smart and sustainable business should ready the suitable type of bin for general recycling within your premise and refuse chamber at the backyard. Diverting these recyclables from the waste slow down the waste volume of your business monthly. If you have high volume of food waste, you may prepare a composter or separate food waste container to divert it. Food waste has occupied majority of your waste bin container each time and it can’t be recycled when it mixed with other general solid waste. Getting ready the recycle bins & organic composters might reduce general waste collection and more recycling revenue rebates on your general recycling.

  3. An efficient recycling program to maximise recycling effort
    • The recycling program can be carried out to target your workers, tenants and cleaners regarding waste diverting efforts. It’s efficient in long-term sustainability and you start observing the cost-savings results in months. All your internal employees start knowing how to identify their waste & recycling type and dump into the right bin container.

  4. A sustainability dashboard
    • A dashboard that shows how much you’ve saved, how much you’ve diverted, how much you’ve earned from recycling revenue is a yardstick to keep on improving the saving effort. Hence, more cost-savings from your waste & recycling management means more money to invest back to your important business operation.

  5. Discover more recycling opportunity
    • You can discover the recycling opportunity for your certain types of waste in your local area. This normally relies on connecting the right recyclers for this type of collection.

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