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#4 Don’t call it waste analysis, call it sustainability analysis!

GUIDELINES & TIPS | 13 DEC 2018 | Jacky Tee
People always think wrongly on the waste analysis of their business, typically, a waste analysis shows only how many pickup frequency you need, how many quantity of bins you need and how big the bin size you need.

Now we don’t call it the waste analysis, call it the sustainability analysis for your business. The typical waste analysis doesn’t ensure your business sustainability as it only takes care for your waste collection. The more trips and collections, the more revenue could get.

A sustainability analysis considers how your business can go more sustainable but of course, the most important thing is the cost-saving in long-term. Waste diverting effort is the most important goal of a sustainability analysis. We analyse what are the solution that could drive your business recycling the most.

Observing monthly sustainability opportunity is important especially during the long-term waste management service of your business. Whether there’s a chance to :

  • Divert waste through setting up containers
  • Discover recycling types

Typically, the results of the sustainability analysis outcome are:

  • How is your overall bin containers performance?
  • What is the diversion rate of the bin at the lobby?
  • How many pickup frequency is the food waste composter in the kitchen this month?

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