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#5 Most of your business waste pickups are not necessary

STORY | 20 DEC 2018 | Jacky Tee
There are customers who decide the fixed schedule of pickup frequency monthly upon their first subscription of waste collection service with vendors. The frequency is mainly based on the expectation and imagination without referring any data or information related to the waste activities.

This made a big mistake where there are unnecessary pickups that you probably don’t need. I previously engaged some clients with quite huge waste pickup frequency for their initial starting business. They mainly refer on the population of workers, tenants, and customers to decide the pickup frequency.

Most of the businesses don’t realise that there are potential cost-cutting opportunities once they know the transparency of each waste pickup in terms of the volume, bin condition and the weight. This is where the sustainability analysis should exist in figuring out the alternative way to maximise the pickup.

We help the customers to carry out the sustainability analysis by observing the bin condition each pickup. The data is contributed by the collection partner. Through the data accumulation, there are six bin conditions we can observe each pickup (refer the picture below). There are some unnecessary pickups, for instance, like empty or quarter empty condition.

Through this little act, we are able to know the waste movement of the customer in order to cut down or maximise the pickups during the week. Being the customer centric platform, we’ve to make sure that each pickup is fully maximised for full waste collection.

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