Simple setup . Easy divert . Smart tracking
More responsible.

It’s glad that small businesses do not need to pay monthly waste bill, but that doesn’t mean that you can keep filling up your
waste into the landfill as much as you want. Now we simplified the whole diverting process from internal diverting to
external collection for responsible owners.


Easier than you think

We help your diverting effort to become smarter, simpler with our
customised labelling and your existing containers setup. It boosts your
workers or customers diverting accuracy.


From mixed recycling to
single-stream recycling

We make the recyclables materials are eligibled for collection and
recycled. If it hits up to a volume, it brings recycling rebates.


Track your effort

We ensure the recyclables materials are safely collected and recycled
by our regional hauling partner network. So, the important data metrics
can be captured properly for your measurement.

How it works for small businesses?

When you subscribed us, we’ll help you to setup everything and you’re ready to go. More responsible, smarter, affordable and sustainable way of running your business.

Step 1

Identify & Determine

GarGeon identifies the possible waste stream and accepted recycling materials as well as the suitable containers from interior planning.

Step 2

Setup & Educate

We’ll setup the right containers in break rooms or meeting rooms with right labelling. We’ll educate cleaners, workers, and employees on what to divert based on labelling.

Step 3

Register & Schedule

You’re required to download mobile app and register the customer account. It comes in GarGeon app and web-based portal version. You may schedule the pickup frequency for the recyclables.

Step 4

Safely collected & payment

We determine if there’s an eligible amount for rebates or payment billings. Our partners will capture every weight ticket upon every collection. The data will be reflected through GarGeon Cloud app.

Step 5

Tracking & Share

You may access to your sustainability performance, diversion rate and tonnages through regular weight ticket updates. You may share your sustainability insights to important stakeholders.

The type of small businesses

Start diverting today and become a responsible business
It’s FREE to register.

From connecting, diverting, collection till tracking, we make it simpler
and smarter for responsible small business owners.