Terms of Services

Please read this before using our service.


These terms of services and conditions are subject to occasional changes and apply to the services that provided by us or our independent waste hauling partners via any channels including internet, mobile apps, web portals and offline services.


We are GARGEON SDN BHD, company registration no (1233360-X), current office address at 32-01, Jalan Setia Tropika 1/7, Taman Setia Tropika, Johor 81200, operating this website (“Site”) at www.gargeon.com. The terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to GarGeon. First of all, thanks for considering us when comes to choosing waste hauling services for your business.

By booking our services from our website, providing us with your service details which includes but not limited to email address, contact no, and service details, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms of services and conditions as well as the privacy policy of GarGeon. Besides, by using our services, you are agreed that your business waste and recyclables are collected and managed by our Haulers.

Single Point of Contact

GarGeon acts as an waste hauling services agent between Haulers and Customers which means we handle every customer information, marketing, payment billing, tech portals and mobile apps. You are only allowed to contact GarGeon when comes to information, customer service, payment billing and etc.

Scope of Our Service

1. Waste hauling service connection
Through the Site, GarGeon provides the service platform through which you can get instant quotation by filling up your service details, including bin type, size, location (within our service area as mentioned on our Site), service frequency, remarks and etc regarding to any waste hauling solution, including but not limited to RORO bin rental and condominium waste hauling services (120L, 660L, 1100L) based on your business / project site requirement.

By filling up your service details / booking a waste hauling service, you are bound into the Terms of services and follow the steps of subscribing regional waste hauling service by typical businesses. You will need to provide your information such as (Email address and Contact no) for us to send you a service quotation. You will then receive a service summary of all your filled in details before submitting to us.

The “thank-you” page means your enquiry has been received, and we are evaluating your service details. We will contact you for further clarification based on the details if necessary (if we found that there is unclear / better recommendation for you, we will edit for you). We will then proceed to sending you the service quotation to your regarding email address. From there, you can see clearly of your service details, the pricing cost, promotional discount (if any), terms and conditions with per trip basis.

You click “confirm the service” means you confirmed and agreed that we are your waste hauling service agent with the service quotation we provided earlier on. The following “thank-you” page means you have successfully subscribed our waste hauling services along with our independent waste hauling partners. You will be redirected to customer portal account registration.

2. Customer account
Every of our customers is needed to register their managing portal account for the waste hauling management purpose, which including but not limited to (viewing hauling information, profile setting, other regarding services requesting, payment, records history and etc.) Upon account registration, we will send you a 6-digit number of “activation code” to your email address. You will need to input the given activation code to proceed to your account password creation and other related business details. Once you successfully registered, you will be logged in into our customer portal account. You can view all your related service details and trigger any request based on your service requirement. All the related hauling information including (payment, history, current request and etc) will be updated in real-time according to any activities regarding to your service details that scheduled by the haulers (using hauler managing tool). You are not limited to access your real-time updated service details via customer managing portal and mobile app.

3. Waste hauling partners selection
Upon confirming the hauling service, you are automatically served by one of our waste hauling partners (under our independent waste hauling partner network) that is serving under our “Hauler Terms and Conditions”. We preserved the right of assigning the waste hauling partners to our customers under the sole discretion method.

4. Hauling information, notification and updates
During our services, you will be receiving or get updated with all related hauling information, notification and updates via channels including (mobile app, managing portal, email, and WhatsApp).

5. Receiving payment invoices / payment bill
You will be received the payment invoices either at the end of your service or every month billing. The payment invoice / payment bill is calculated based on your trip records / or any other extra charges of your service. All the history / service records are recorded in your customer account.

Scope of Our Service

1. Cancelling task request
You have the right and are encouraged to cancel the “Replace bin” request task before the service date. You will be incurred a penalty fee if you cancel the request on the service date when the Hauler is already on work towards your service location.

2. Contacting the driver
You may refer/contact to the updated driver contact at your “View Current Request” when the service is on-the-go. Contacting the driver may help increasing the service experience, you may tell/coordinate/describe the exact surrounding of the service location to the driver.

3. Request other service
You may request other service such as “replace bin” task for your on-site RORO bin. You may go to your service detail and click on “other request” action. By clicking on it, you need to input your expected service date and any text remark for driver’s reminder. You are encouraged to request 1/2 days earlier for better arrangement.

4. Receiving email notification
You may be notified by our team’s auto-email notification to tell you every real-time updates regarding to your service location.


1. Payment action
When comes to the payment, you are agreed to our payment terms and conditions. You are only allowed to make payment to GarGeon with our banking details that provided on payment invoices. You are not required to make any payment to our haulers via any cash method.

2. Payment due date
We will be having a certain payment due date of 30 days period upon raising the payment invoice. You are encouraged to make payment within it (payment period). You will be given 10 days extended day, otherwise, you will be incurred a payment penalty of 5% on your next waste hauling service bill if you delay the payment action beyond the 30 days (payment due date).

3. Payment method
We only accept the banking transfer so far. Any other payment methods will be updating our customers in prior via all channels as mentioned above for the sake of convenience.

4. Extra charges incurred
Your waste bill payment will not be incurred with any extra charges unless there are some unfavourable cost according to conditions as mentioned in the “During the service” under the Terms and Conditions that occurred during the service to your site.