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How to book a RORO bin for your service location

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Fill Your Service Details

Describe and let us know more about your service details


We Filter & Evaluate

We will help you to filter, give you better recommendation


Get Quotation & Confirm

Get service quotation via email and confirm service

See how we can fit to your service situation

Renovation & Demoltion

Condominium management solution

General waste of factory canteen


Hardcore construction waste at project site

Bulky items disposal

First Subscription Discount On Total Bill Up To RM80 Off!
 5 trips or more = RM10 OFF     

10 trips or more = RM50 OFF    

15 trips or more = RM80 OFF    

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Need help to decide the waste hauling services for your business?


The only platform caters your business waste hauling service requirement, customers get to enjoy the following benefits for their service through GarGeon

Fixed, transparent, no hidden cost

Our independent waste haulers that joined our platform has come to the standard pricing range for the services. All pricing are fixed and transparent.

Responsive technology platform

With our responsive customer account and mobile app, now you are able to track, manage and pay for your waste hauling services with hassle-free.

Hauling status update

Now you feel more reliable on the hauling services with the information updates. Every service situation will be updated in prior to your account and email.

Manage your waste in a smarter way

  1. Track your hauling information

    You can track and check your on-site bin status

  2. Request any hauling requirement in just 2 taps

    Write remarks and select your hauling requirement

  3. Get a hauling report

    Get our hauling analysis and report for better business performance