The biggest waste & recycling
platform in Malaysia

The platform that connects hundreds of independent
waste & recycling haulers network in Malaysia.

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Our Mission

Towards creation of the cloud-based waste & recycling platform in Malaysia


Connect all independent waste & recycling haulers and form the biggest cloud-based network in Malaysia


Optimising daily hauling operation and maximising hauling fleet through cloud-based tool


Introducing smart waste & recycling solution by leveraging the cloud-based network


Forming the biggest hauler incentives program to drive down hauler operational cost
How it works?

Submit the service enquiry with all your waste & recycling service details

Let us know more about your waste & recycling needs.

Match your service to the suitable hauler in your area

We match you to the suitable hauler that can serve you the best and quality service.


Get the best rate from the hauler network

We notify our haulers regarding your service details and select the best rate from the network.

Access the customer account and start to manage

Managing your waste & recycling now goes automated with the GarGeon mobile app

Technology for customers - manage your waste even smarter

Our customized technology platform that makes you even smarter and feel reliable with the real-time information updates.

View your current engaged waste hauling details

Once we connect you the suitable hauler, you can view all details regarding your service and the hauler information by logging in to the app.

Send request to replace bin

You can easily tap on "Send request" whenever you need a pickup to haul away your waste. The request is sent automatically to the hauler.

View your current request to get schedule updates

You will get informed and updated with all the service status. For eg, the driver started the service and in progress right now.

Once completed, view all the history

You can check all the pickup history with time started and time completed for your own company records.

To learn more on technology for customer, visit Tech for Customers

Why choose GarGeon for your business?

GarGeon is the biggest waste & recycling platform in Malaysia, served as the agent to help customers to achieve efficient, affordable and sustainable waste & recycling managing solution by leveraging the haulers network.

Flexible & Reliable

With the customer account, you get all the real-time notification and send request of your service

Match only for the suitable haulers

We match your service based on your location, speed of the hauler, quality service of the hauler.

Live support & Help Centre

You will feel reliable with our responsive customer help centre to solve all your enquiry and concerns.

Get the suitable and best rate service

Our representatives will understand better and provide you a clear quote
based on your waste & recycling needs for your business

Help Centre

How GarGeon match me to a hauler?

GarGeon match your service details provided to the suitable haulers based on service location, respond time and quality of the service

How do I know my business is connected to a waste hauling service assigned by GarGeon?

We will inform you via the email and you can access to the customer account with the account activation code that we sent to ypu. In the account, you can view your service information and the waste hauler we assigned for you.


Still have concerns about something? Find answers to all your questions on our Help Centre

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