Waste Management Why you should Choose GarGeon for Your Waste Management

Leading Waste Management Platform in Malaysia

We create software to automate your waste management to help you better manage, optimise services and reduce waste.

What GarGeon stand for

We create a cloud-based managing system to digitise your waste and recycling to help you better manage, understand and reduce waste.

One-stop waste and recycling management

GarGeon provide all services of waste and recycling


GarGeon help businesses manage waste that focus on sustainability

Software technology

We create Innovative software technology to achieve transparency to meet sustainability goal

GarGeon is the leading software provider of cloud-based waste management system in Malaysia. We provide softwares for businesses to transparent all the waste and recycling operational activities and provide robust insights into your waste streams in order to better manage, optimise services and reduce waste.

GarGeon build an ecosystem to help businesses to divert as much as possible waste from landfill in order to achieve the sustainability goal and maximise the value from your waste stream.

Sustainability Reporting

Make a better decision through data driven management to save cost, save time, achieve zero waste

One-stop waste Management and recycling platform that focus on sustainability

Who We Serve

Waste management is a big issue in Malaysia. The country produces a large amount of solid waste every day, and disposing of it properly is a challenge. There are many waste management companies in Malaysia, but not all of them focus on sustainability.

Our company is different. We offer a one-stop waste and recycling platform that focuses on sustainability. We provide waste management services that are environmentally friendly and help to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

Our focus on sustainability means that we are always looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal. We offer a variety of recycling services that can help your business cut down on its waste output.

waste management solution for small business

Waste Management Solution for Small Businesses

Customise waste and recycling services that is fit to your business need. With GarGeon’s mobile app, you can manage your schedule, track and receive real-time notification of your waste activities.

waste management solutions for big corporate

Waste Management Solutions for Big Corporate

Our innovative software that help corporate to manage their waste at scale. With GarGeon, you can manage multiple vendor and multiple waste stream easily, we transparent your waste management to help you better manage, optimise service and reduce waste.


Waste and Recycling Collector Solutions

Your best partner to help you grow your business. With our technology, you may manage your fleet in a more efficiency way and provide better service to your clients. From GarGeon, you can get the extra customer base to expand your business

Why you should Choose GarGeon for Your Waste Management

Founded in 2017

About GarGeon

GarGeon was founded in 2017 by Jacky & Darren, this Idea was inspired by their Grandma. She likes to collect the recyclables around the neighbourhood. When the Tee brothers were asked to help their grandmother sort out recyclables in their yard, they took it to a whole new level. They created an app that offers recyclable collection services to everyone.

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How has GarGeon helped businesses achieve success in waste management and recycling initiatives

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How GarGeon waste management work

Frequently Asked Questions about GarGeon waste management

GarGeon is an online waste and recycling management platform that help business to mange the waste and recycling to achieve cost saving and reduce waste.

GarGeon don't own any truck, container or landfill, GarGeon is not the one to collect the waste but GarGeon will assign our waste collector partner which is authorised and certified under the regional environmental law (JPSPN & Majlis Bandaraya) to serve on-behalf of GarGeon Sdn. Bhd.

Customer just need to deal with GarGeon, we will take care all the activities like billing, scheduling, weight ticket, and etc.

GarGeon provide not only waste collection but also waste management solutions to business. GarGeon's waste manage solution able to help business to save time, save cost, more sustainable and reduce waste.

Waste management is included waste collection, vendor performance, waste diversion, pick up efficiency, environmental law regulation, sustainability, scheduling, service optimisation, data recording and etc

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